WuDang GongFu Academy



Admissions Guide for Wudang Kungfu Academy:

Wudang Kungfu Museum is located in the 5A scenic spot of Wudang Mountain surrounded by mysterious and wonderful fairyland, less than 2 kilometers away from the world-famous Wudang Mountain Taoist Holy Land Zixiao Palace. So it is called “Be Surrounded Gods wonderland”.

Guan Yongxing: Honorary Principal of Wudang Kungfu Academy____ Taoist name: Guan Xinyuan, a disciple of the 25th generation of  Longmen faction. The fourteenth generation descendant of the Sanfeng faction.

Li Xiaokang,: the curator of Wudang Kungfu Academy, ____Taoist name: Chongning, the 26th generation disciple of Quanzhen Longmen faction., the former coach of Wudang Taoist Kungfu Group, the head coach of Taoist Cultural Development Center,  the champion of China’s first martial arts conference .personally Head coach of Wudang Kung Fu Academy。


Open classes: health class, kung fu class(Prepaid registration fee of $100 to start helping you choose course accommodation, if you are not satisfied, 50% will be refunded)

We are guaranteed the tuition fee to be 5% cheaper than your own registration.

[Board and lodging]: $80/day-double standard room in a four-star hotel, (single room to make up the difference $38/day)

[Short-term courses]: (no age limit) (10% discount for more than ten days)

Tuition: $90/day
Tuition: $1800/month
Three or six months: $1160/month

One year: $860/month
[Team customization]: (more than four people)

[Disciple Inheritance Kung Fu Class]: (below 20 years old) (three years of schooling)

One year $4000 (delivered for 3 years)
Living expenses: $400/month (free of tuition for three years of practice, and you can also be an assistant teacher)

[Weekend Class]: Tuition fee $4200/year (if you participate in summer camp, you only need to pay for board and lodging)

【Martial Arts】

Basic Boxing Basic Boxing: (5 days)
Mainly various footwork such as horse step, lunge step, virtual step, oblique step, flapping step, T-step, etc., supplemented by technique, are used as basic skills training items for learning Wudang Kungfu.

Fuhuquan: (7 days)
It is one of the main types of martial arts practitioners in Wudang Mountain to increase their skills. It is also known as Jianglongfuhuquan. It is mainly based on techniques and supplemented by legs. The main practice methods are: lead hands, three consecutive hands, horse stances, consecutive legs, etc. The style is characterized by extreme rigidity and softness, and extreme softness and rigidity.

Bajiquan (10 days)
Wen has Tai Chi to secure the world, and Wu has eight poles to set the universe.

Bajiquan is a kind of strong boxing in Wudangquan, which is famous for its bravery. The action is strong, steady, agile, and has the characteristics of long-range attacks.

Longhua Boxing (15 days)
Wudang Mountain is divided into South Wudang and North Wudang. Longhua Boxing belongs to the North Wudang boxing method, and the South Boxing has the north leg. Therefore, Longhua Boxing focuses on the leg method and draws the essence of the Nan Wudang method. Its characteristics show the characteristics and power of the dragon with the actions of the blue dragon going out to sea, the yellow dragon covering the top, and the oolong swinging its tail.

Xuanmen Sword: (10 days)
The sword is an important part of Wudang Kungfu. The Taiyi Xuanmen Sword is the best in Wudang swordsmanship. The swordsmanship mainly consists of chopping, hanging, picking, piercing, point, and picking. It contains its energy and its shape outside. Hands, eyes, bodywork, footwork, and deity are all wonderful.

Whisk: (7 days)
The whisk is a unique weapon of Taoism. It is a soft weapon. Its movements are mainly splitting, twisting, pulling, shaking, and sweeping. It has the characteristics and styles of knives, swords, whips, and darts. It can best reflect the use of softness to overcome rigidity. , One of the first Wudang Kungfu.

Meridian gun (10 days)
Meridian guns are said to have a stick in the gun and a gun in the stick. The movements of smashing, holding, rolling, and smashing require that the person and the gun are integrated, and the person should carry the gun and the gun.

Xuan Gong knife: (5 days)
Created by the Wudang Xuanmen, it is called Xuangong Knife. The Xuangong Knife contains movements such as splitting, sweeping, twisting, licking, hooking, etc., and strives to be smooth, complete in one go, recruit and control the enemy, and pursue and kill step by step.

Eight Immortals Stick: (15 days)
The Eight Immortals Cudgel is one of the Wudang School of Wudang School of Wuxian Martial Arts. The characteristics of sticks are sweeping, tapping, slicing, the combination of hardness and softness, quite drunk, flexible and changeable whether drunk or not, also known as the Eight Immortals Drunk Stick.

Eight Immortals Sword (7 days)
The Wudang Eight Immortals Sword is based on the movements and gestures of Taoist Eight Immortals (Lv Dongbin, Tieguai Li, etc.), combined with the characteristics of Wudang martial arts, its form is hidden in the sword. The action is simple and unpretentious, with rigidity and softness.

Xingyiquan (7 days)
Xingyiquan is one of the three famous domestic boxing types in my country. It started in the late Ming Dynasty and prevailed in the late Qing Dynasty. It has a history of more than 300 years.

Pay attention to gaining the spirit with the mind, with the force of the air, the mind and form are two expressions, and the form and mind are integrated. Through the mutual adjustment of form and mind, the interaction between internal and external to achieve the effect of both body and function.

Five Elements:

The five elements are metal, wood, water, fire, and earth

Those who match the five punches are split, collapse, drill, cannon, and horizontal

Bagua Palm (10 days)
Baguazhang is a form of martial arts based on palm transformation and walking and walking. It is one of the three pillars of Wudang internal martial arts. It integrates martial arts and Daoyin, Tuna, internal and external practice. Since the circle of the boxing is passing through the eight directions of the Eight Diagrams, it is called the Eight Diagrams Palm. The Baguazhang technique rules of “movement-oriented and becoming law”. Baguazhang is a martial arts routine formed by combining the characteristics of Tai Chi and Xingyi with the center of the change of palm and pace.