First Prize of 2018 World Tai Chi Online Video Collective Competition2018


Yunshui Fan Award-winning Performance Highlights


2019 World Tai Chi Cultural Festival Team Competition First Prize Sanya Closing Ceremony Live Performance 2019世界太极文化节团体赛一等奖三亚闭幕式演出实况

First Prize at 2019 Australian International Wushu Festival Team Competition 2019 澳大利亚国际武术节云水扇团体赛一等奖

Health Qigong Baduanjin won the second place in the 2019 Australian International Wushu Festival Group Competition 健身气功八段锦荣获2019年澳大利亚国际武术节集体赛第二名

The abbreviated subtitles from China to Australia are formed by more than 100 Tai Chi practitioners. It is spectacular and has won extensive media coverage 中国~澳洲缩写字幕以上百名太极学员组建而成,气势壮观,赢得媒体广泛报道