Australian Oriental Martial Arts TaiChi INC Introduction

The Australian Oriental Martial Arts Tai Chi Alliance (AWCC TaiChi) was established on April 21, 2018.

The group is a non-profit organization

1: AWCC TaiChi founder

Jiang Hui (Wendy): Chairman of AWCC (Australian Wushu Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd.), Chairman of the Australian Oriental Martial Arts Tai Chi Alliance.

In 2018, the 16th World Wushu All-round Champion in Hong Kong, Chen style Taijiquan sixth dan, international senior licensed coach. The thirteenth generation of introductory disciples of Chen Style Taijiquan. Under the tutelage of Zhang Dongwu, a personal disciple of Chen Zhenglei, a world intangible cultural heritage.

In 2019, the Intercontinental Member of Victoria Paul Hamer mp personally signed and presented: the winner of the Outstanding Contribution Award for the Promotion of Tai Chi Fitness. On the 1st September, 2019, the editor-in-chief of World Taiji Network Yu Gongbao and the chairman of the 16th China Wushu Association, Li Jie, flew from China to Australia to present and confer the certificate and trophy for outstanding contributions to the promotion of world Taiji culture [Starlight Award]martial arts

2: The purpose of the AWCC TaiChi

Since March 2018, the Australian-East Tai Chi Alliance has formally held 12 Chinese Tai Chi public welfare popularization classes in Glen Waverley, Box Hill, Doncaster and City, as well as dozens of improvement classes, specially-appointed experts intensive training classes, step-by-step classes. Enter the campus training class and go to the social training class.

The famous online courses of the AWCC international live broadcast platform opened in the 2020~2021 epidemic year have benefited 100,000 people in the community. The 48-week family Tai Chi online training course, including two live channels on WeChat in Chinese and Facebook in English, is respected, appreciated and loved by all those trapped by the epidemic and those who are depressed and immunocompromised

Through the popularization of Tai Chi basic courses through public welfare, many beneficiary members told their stories in person, sincerely shared the magical charm of Chinese Tai Chi, and improved their own immunity.

3: Mayor and city government support

On the 19th June of 2022, Mannighham new mayorMayor Michelle Kleinert  presented the anti-epidemic merit award to the AWCC Tai Chi members after participating in the Tai Chi practice with the residents of Manningham

On the 27th June of 2021, Mayor Andrew Conlon of Manniham participated in the AWCC World Network Collective Competition and won the world first prize with the local residents, which greatly encouraged the local residents

The Mannighham 2022 new Mayor Michelle Kleinertthank all the volunteers, saying:
I Think I’ve learned today that the money is very well spent.
I tell myself if we have more people learn Tai Chi in Manningham , or my God, We’ll live older we’ll live longer, we’ll live healthier.I thank you for what you did for the community. I know that is a lot of work, But I’d love to see people doing Tai Chi somewhere in Manningham every day. That will be very good. I love the stories people shared, I want my dad to come because it’s good for health.

27.06.2021AWCC Tai Chi Family Reunion Day: Andrew Conlon of Manniham After the mayor finished the exercise he said excitedly: I have never participated in Tai Chi exercise before, and today I deeply realize that Tai Chi is very suitable for the elderly to exercise.
Another important reason for our government’s strong support is that this organization is run entirely by a group of volunteers who don’t get paid a penny, bringing health and well-being to the community and reducing the burden on the country and hospitals.

July 14, 2022, Australia Oriental martial arts Tai Chi Alliance Henan Association Branch welcomes Kingston Mayor Steve Staikos

He happily enjoyed the health qigong Baduanjin with the members.

The opening ceremony, the mayor attaches great importance to the residents’ fitness Tai Chi

On the fourth day of the Chinese New Year in 2019, the new Mayor of Monash, Shane McClusky, came to make a speech before the meeting. He said: Let more local Westerners understand and experience the magical effect of Chinese Tai Chi on physical fitness, which is beneficial to the country and the government. Great!

In the opening ceremony of the third term in May 2018, Paul Klisaris the Mayor of Monash, along with the former Mayor of ManningHam Yang Qianhui, City Councillor Cai Peng, and the presidents of various associations specially participated in and gave high praise.

18.05.2018,The mayor of Monash, the former mayor of ManningHam, Yang Qianhui, city councillor Cai Peng, and Ji Jianmin, and other association leaders specially came to participate in and practice Tai Chi with us.And made an important speech, thanks to the public welfare Tai Chi brings health to people

4: Outstanding performance

June 18, 2018: The Tai Chi demonstration at the Melbourne Thousand People Dragon Boat Festival was reported and broadcasted by CCTV International Evening News

July 2018: AOMA Taichi  won the first place in the collective competition in the world online video competition

October 31, 2019: First place in the collective competition of the 4th World Tai Chi Culture Festival in China and has been invited to represent Australia to participate in the closing ceremony demonstration in Sanya, China

October 2018: First place in Australia’s first international martial arts festival collective competition

August 2019: First place in the collective competition of the 2nd International Wushu Festival in Australia

August 2019: First place in the Popularity Award of the 2nd International Wushu Festival in Australia

5: Outstanding Merit

Exclusively host the first Australian International Martial Arts Festival 2018

1. On October 30, 2018, we will exclusively host Australia’s first International Martial Arts Festival. This is the first mass sport of the largest international martial arts competition in Australia’s history. There are more than 500 contestants from all over the world and local teams and individuals.

2. On November 1, 2018, the closing ceremony of Australia’s first International Wushu Festival was successfully closed. The first Wushu Festival’s exclusive sponsor CBD chairman Chen Guojing and event schedule sponsor Zhonghengsihai Travel Agency. The former mayor of Whitehorse City and the presidents of various associations attended the closing ceremony.

On November 1, 2018, the closing ceremony of Australia’s first international martial arts festival successfully closed
The number of participants in the first Wushu Festival reached more than 500 people/time, and the coverage included athletes from Malaysia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China Beijing, Henan, Tianjin, Jiangsu and Foshan, Jilin, Liaoning and other regions and nationalities. The items include Shaolin, Wudang, Nanquan, Xingyiquan, Wing Chunquan and Chen, Yang, Wu and other different schools of internal family boxing. Weapons include swords, sticks, fans, Wing Chun swords, Chunqiu broadswords, etc. More than twenty different items

Host a larger scale 2019 Australia's 2nd International Martial Arts Festival

On August 30, 2019, the Melbourne Forum of the Second International Martial Arts Festival Theoretical Seminar was jointly held with World Taiji. This forum has a high standard, wide scope and innovative content, setting a record in Australian history.

On September 1, 2019, the closing ceremony of the 2nd International Wushu Festival in Australia was a completely success, with more than 1,000 team athletes from all over the world. In the finals, the team and men’s and women’s teams will be crowned, the second runner-up, nine runners-up and one scholarship winner

16 leaders including Victorian interstate officials, mayors and councillors, the deputy consul general of the People’s Republic of China in Melbourne, the chairman of the Hualian Association and the chairman of the National Women’s Association attended and gave warm speeches and praised.

On August 31, 2019, the AMATC took the lead in cooperating with the Victorian Chinese Association, and the Australian Dahua Times Media hosted the world-shocking large-scale aerial photography of Melbourne’s 1,000-person Tai Chi aerial photography in Box Hill Park. CHN (China) was built with real people. —AU (Australia), the English abbreviation, vividly shows the true portrayal of the Chinese Tai Chi culture and the oriental dragon flying from China to Australia.

Former Chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association, Li Jie, and World Editor-in-Chief Yu Gongbao flew to Australia to present the [Starlight Award] trophy to Ms. Jiang Hui, Chairman of the Australia East Alliance. The Victorian Intercontinental Councillor signed and awarded the Certificate of Outstanding Contribution to the Promotion of Mass Fitness Tai Chi

6:Charity Tai Chi courses enter the campus:

AOMA Tai Chi was invited to the kindergarten to demonstrate and teach the baby to learn Tai Chi

XinJinShan Chinese School The Fifth Training Course Mt Waverley (07.2019-08.2019)

Carey Grammar School-2019.02.09初四 Glenda Primary School-


2019.06.28 Greensborough Primary School-2018.08.19


7.Promote fitness Tai Chi performance to the community:

Licensed coaches with professional training: 张吉新,姜鑫燕,向俊蓉,王玲美,Lucy Luo,Polly Feng ,Ling Huang,