Box Hill Tai Chi Branch Opening Ceremony

At 9:30 am on October 20th (Sunday), the opening ceremony of the Boxhill School of the Oriental Australia Martial arts Taichi Inc was held in Boxhill Garden, Melbourne, Australia. Each branch school sent an elite team, wearing uniform color Tai Chi costumes, holding Tai Chi swords, Tai Chi fans, etc. to demonstrate the congratulations.

The trainees were full of spirits and spirits. They lined up and stood in the square at a vigorous pace. Accompanied by the elegant and quiet warm-up music, they kicked off the opening ceremony of the Box Hill branch in the uniform Tai Chi joint exercises.

First of all, Zhou Huizhen, the principal of Box Hill Branch, gave a speech. She thanked Australia’s Tobu Tai Chi Alliance for their strong support, and thanked the Tobu Tai Chi Alliance Chairman Jiang Hui (Wendy) for creating and working hard to build a platform for the teachers and students of Box Hill A new semester, a new starting point, a new hope, and a new dream. Principal Zhou said that in the new semester, everyone will work together to write a new chapter with hard work and sweat, striving to be the most beautiful Tai Chi person, and welcoming a more brilliant tomorrow. Then, Mr. Jiang Hui (Wendy), chairman of Australia’s Tobu Tai Chi Alliance, gave a speech. First of all, she warmly congratulated the opening of the Box Hill Taiji Branch and wished the opening ceremony of the Boxer Hill Tai Chi Branch a complete success; Chairman Wendy was very pleased to express his warm welcome and ardent expectation to the two branch schools of the “FireWire Joining the Party” who requested to join the Tobu Tai Chi Alliance.

Speeches from the principals of each branch school: Principal of Monash Campus: Nurse Wei Yulan
Principal of Spinway Campus: Teacher Zhang Wanchun
Principal of Wesley Campus: LING HUANG
Representative of the branch campus of the Chinese Medicine Hall: Nancy Wong
Principal of CBD Branch: POLLY FENG

Principal Fu of Bowen Campus: Chen Jue
Principal of Chinese Song and Dance Ensemble: Sui Luyan 
Principal Fu of Rouliqiu Branch: Xue Lihua
Principal of Melbourne Dezhi Sports School: Wang Yi, Xu Weiquan
Engineering Minister John Nation
Western Assistant Teacher Alison
Minister of Film and Television Guo Yongyue, photographer Zhang Liming and Lili all attended the opening ceremony.

Then, the participating schools teamed up to start a wonderful Tai Chi demonstration: The first to kick off the Tai Chi demonstration is Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin. Participating unit: The branch school of Chinese Medicine Hall. Then there is a group performance of Health Qigong Baduanjin, which is magnificent and uniform. Participating units: Monash campus, Wesley campus, and CBD campus. Many students from other campuses also joined the demonstration queue with great interest. Group performance by Melbourne Softball Team Essential 18-style performance unit, Union Headquarters Huixin Boxing Team. Chen’s 1st Single Practice Performance Unit Monash Campus, Wesley Campus, CBD Campus The 63-style performance unit of Yang’s Taichi Boxing House, Bowen Branch. Chen-style Taijiquan 49-style single sword Performing unit Qingfeng Liangjian Team, Alliance Headquarters Eight Methods and Five Steps Performance Unit Box Hill Campus. In the sound of melodious and slow-stretching music, all students from all branches of Tobu participated in the 24-style performance of Yang-style Taijiquan.

Kung Fu Fan Da Skewer-is the finale of the closing ceremony of the 2nd International Martial Arts Festival in Australia. The alumni of the three campuses reunited today for the first performance and won warm applause from the audience. Performers: Spinway Campus, Chinese Song and Dance Troupe Campus, Box Hill Campus. The students from the Bowen campus also joined the demonstration team enthusiastically at the back

The opening ceremony was successfully brought to a close with the spectacular demonstration of the Chen Shi 46 Cloud Water Fan by the performance team of the Alliance Headquarters.