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School Address: Shaolin Temple Scenic Area, Dengfeng City, Henan Province
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Prepay the registration fee of $100 to start to help you choose the course accommodation. If you are not satisfied, 50% will be refunded.

We are guaranteed the tuition fee to be 5% cheaper than your own registration.

In order to pass on traditional Shaolin martial arts, “Outstanding Inheritor of Shaolin Boxing” Mr. Wang Changqing founded Dengfeng National Defense Technology School (formerly Shaolin Temple International Martial Arts Academy) in 1993, and its successor Hu Fayuan is the dean.

Since the establishment of the “Shaolin Youth Military Academy” approved by the Municipal Youth League Committee in 2004, it has been guided and commended by the provincial government, the leaders of the provincial military region, and the Provincial Committee of the Youth League. School Demonstration School”. In 2019, the school won the “Youth Civilization”.

The school integrates the three disciplines of learning arts, martial arts, and military, and it is fully enclosed and militarized. Our school values traditional cultural and national defense education. Daily teaching students traditional martial arts, military training subjects, traditional Chinese culture “Three Character Classic”, “Disciple Regulations”, “Twenty-Four Filial Piety”, etc. While focusing on the development of students’ martial arts, more attention is paid to the cultivation of martial arts Morality。

Dengfeng National Defense Science and Technology School is located at the intersection of Shaolin Temple and Music Festival, in the Shaolin Temple Scenic Area, It is adjacent to “Shaw Brothers”, which is one of the historical buildings in the world cultural heritage.

Here, beautiful mountains and green waters, surrounded by mountains, natural beauty and traditional martial arts are a natural fit. Our school is built on the ancient official road, connected to the Shaolin Temple in the north, and connected to the music ceremony in the south.

Martial arts courses:

1. Classification of martial arts classes
Children’s classes, routine classes (optional and traditional, the equipment is divided into long equipment, short equipment, traditional equipment), Sanda class, performance team.

2. Martial Arts Course System
Three to eight years of schooling
Shaolin traditional boxing, Shaolin Yijinjing, Shaolin 18 weapons. Sanda, stage performance. Martial arts training is based on the martial arts syllabus, and a martial arts teaching plan is formulated. Examinations are held every month. What is learned every month is not repeated, and what is learned every year is not repeated. Only in this way can achieve learning every day, progress every month, and success every year.

Cultural courses:

All our teachers require college diplomas or above, retired teachers and young teachers with many years of teaching experience. The school’s Department of Culture and Education shall apply to the Board of Education, and arrange uniformly according to the actual situation. It is divided into preschool, elementary school, junior high school, and technical secondary school. The teaching materials are the national unified people’s education version. At the same time, there are courses on Chinese studies and the rule of law.

Integrate with full-time schools and conduct simultaneous teaching. After graduation, students will be issued a middle school graduation certificate and a technical secondary school graduation certificate, which belong to the state-recognized diploma.

Military characteristic courses:
1. Special military courses: military capacity, formation, picnic training, antiaircraft artillery operation, live ammunition, national defense education, firearms knowledge, etc. three-year education.
2. Regular military practice classes-military training and target practice are held.

Employment direction:
In accordance with the requirements of the national syllabus, students who have completed the courses and passed the graduation examinations will be issued with diplomas of liberal arts and military. In addition to staying in the school and recommending to apply for famous sports colleges, our college can recommend students to engage in public security department, such as The armed police, the People’s Liberation Army, movie and television actors, etc. 100% of graduates over 18 years of age recommend employment.

Target of enrollment:
All male and female adolescents who are above 5 years old, are healthy, love martial arts, have good conduct, have perseverance, perseverance, and are not afraid of hardship.

Fees:$60 a day, $990 a month, $6560 a year

(1) General entrusted class:

$3960.00 throughout the year. Including tuition, fees, food, clothes and bedding, utilities, insurance, bathing and accommodation. The ordinary entrusted class can accommodate 8-10 students and is equipped with fans and other living facilities.

(2) Full nursery class:

The whole year is $5360.00. Including tuition, miscellaneous fees, food, clothing and bedding, utilities, nursing care, insurance, bathing, accommodation, and laundry. The full care room has 8-10 students, equipped with air-conditioning, electric fans and other living facilities, and is nursed by life teachers.

(3) High tutoring class:
The whole year is $6560.00. Including tuition, miscellaneous fees, food, clothing and bedding, utilities, senior care, insurance, bathing, accommodation, and laundry. The student apartment room has 4-6 students, with separate bathroom. Equipped with air-conditioning, TV, water dispenser, 24-hour hot water and other living facilities. Each division only takes 10-20 people, and it is an elite teaching style. Special care.

Introduction to the Dean of Dengfeng National Defense Technology School:

Shi Xingbo, the 32nd generation of Shaolin Bodhidharma Yijin Sutra of Shaolin Temple.

The current dean of China Shaolin Temple International Martial Arts Academy, the principal of Dengfeng Branch of the National Youth Military Academy, and the founder of Shaolin Martial Arts Professional Exchange Center.

His martial arts attainments have passed the Chinese Wushu 7th Duan and Shaolin Wushu 8th Duan exams. He is now a national first-class martial arts referee. He has led many visits on behalf of the country and won numerous awards. He founded the “Chinese Shaolin Wushu Association” in the international city of Hong Kong. It has made great contributions to promoting Shaolin Wushu to the world.

In 2017, Shaolin Wushu Association and Dengfeng Sports Bureau awarded Shi Xingbo the title of “Member of Shaolin Wushu Association” and “Master of Shaolin Wushu”.

School Address: Shaolin Temple Scenic Area, Dengfeng City, Henan Province
Map navigation: Dengfeng National Defense Technology School