Xu QinLan
converted disciple of the 31st Shaolin Temple.
Technical Director of AWCC.

Master Xu Qinlan, Technical Director of AWCC.

was a converted disciple of the 31st Shaolin Temple.

Director of Henan Shaolin Boxing Research Association, Executive Director of Henan Chen Style Taijiquan Association, Honorary Dean of Zhang Dongwu Taiji Academy of France, currently Executive Deputy Dean of Henan Tobu Taijiquan Training Institute, General Manager of Henan Tobu Taiji Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Xu Qinlan started to practice martial arts with his father, Shaolin monk, master Sufa since he was six years old. Later, he worshipped under Master Suxi, the 30th abbot of Shaolin Temple, and gave the name Dejiao. ,

Its boxing frame is neat and beautiful, chic and handsome; when it is soft, it is like a weak willow to help the wind, when it is just like a thunder and gale; it shows the charm of Tai Chi between movement and static. The nine-section whip of Tai Chi, Yunshui Tai Chi fan, Chen-style Tai Chi sword and Wudang sword, which he is good at, are praised by martial artists for their magnificence and beauty.

In 1990, Mr. Xu Qinlan graduated from the Wushu Academy of Henan University with the first prize in the pentathlon. In the same year, he visited the former Soviet Union with the Shaolin Temple Performing Group, and then taught in Xinjiang, Xi’an, Northeast, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places with his father Master Sufa. Over the years, she has not only won gold and silver in domestic and foreign martial arts competitions.

In 2016, she won the first place in four events and won the all-around first in the 14th Hong Kong International Martial Arts Competition. In 2017, she won the Tai Chi Sword at the 7th World Traditional Martial Arts Championships. First place; in 2018, the 15th National Martial Arts Township Routine Competition won the first place in Tai Chi Sword; 2018 Henan Province National Games won the first place in Tai Chi. More than 1,000 students have won gold medals in national and international martial arts competitions at all levels.

In 2010, the Chen-style Tai Chi sword he practiced was included in the large-scale TV instructional film “China Musashi” approved by the Chinese Wushu Association and supervised by the Wushu Research Institute of the State Sports General dministration.

The “Healthy Central Plains” column of Henan TV news channel catalogues and continuously broadcasts “Chen’s Taiji Single Sword”, “46-style Yunshui Taiji Fan” and “Wudang Sword” by Xu Qinlan’s drill and professor, which are popular among fans. The Thirteen Passes of Shaolin Temple Guardian Sparring, The Secrets of Shaolin Medicine, The Shaolin Master Boxing Sparring, and The Secrets of Shaolin Protective Weapon, edited by him, have become the classic series of martial arts.