Australia’s first international martial arts festival

Special Awards for this Australia International Martial Arts Festival:

To promote the Chinese martial arts, the organizers will join hands with the quintessence of national sponsors and will present the following awards:

1. 10 Scholarship Awards for the top ten athletes with the highest total scores providing a training workshop at well-respected local Martial Art schools.

2. Training Scholarships to school (valued at $150 each) For every 5 students registered to the event by school, one training scholarship will be issued (no upper limit)

3. Overall group champions (1st 2nd and 3rd) on top of the $2000.00/1000.00/400.00 cash prizes, will also be offered the following:

A/ An exclusive full colour report promoting the winning group by the organizer’s media   sponsor to be published in the newspaper (including the WeChat edition)

1st = full page; 2nd = half page; 3rd = quarter page

B/ Performance at the Closing Ceremony with world-famous Chinese Masters and Shaolin Temple , Wudang Martial Artists. The live video will be broadcast throughout the Chinese and Australian media networks and Star TV.

4.The world’s top Chinese Martial Art authorities, masters from Shaolin Temple and Wudang with famous masters in Australia will present seminars, lectures and workshops. Many Australians spend huge sums of money every year to train in China with these famous teachers. You will have the opportunity this year to watch, listen and learn with these International masters


Australian Victorian Chinese Association
Australian Wushu Culture and Art Center


Australian Oriental Martial Arts Tai Chi Inc.
Chi Generation Tai Chi Qigong
Australian Great China Times Media Group

Co-organizer: (China)

Taiji Net
Shengshi Taiji 
World Taiji Network
Tobu Taiji Institute

Support Units:

List of Chinese Martial Arts Delegates:

  1. Li Jie: former Chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association, Secretary-General of the International Wushu Federation, Director of the Chinese Wushu Sanda Management Committee, creator of the 9th Duan in the Chinese Duan Wei system.
  • Xia Baihua: 9th Duan of Chinese Wushu, the leading figure of Chinese martial arts theory research, former director and current professor of the Theoretical Department of China National Wushu Research University.
  • Su Zifang: She is known as the “champion in the championship” famous martial artist, Asian Games Tai Chi champion.
  • Zhang Shaolin: practising Shaolin Kungfu disciple, famous for his skill in Tie Sa Zhang. Such as: Ten bricks are stacked together. If you say that you want the third brick broken, his skill can reach through to break that third brick.
  • Guan Yongxing: The core personnel of Wudang today, and the head of the church, Li Guangfu, toured the head of the World Wudang Kungfu Group (Chen Yunxiang, Zhong Xuechao, You Xuande,)
  • Zhang Dongwu: Chen Style Taijiquan Master, co-author of the contemporary Chen style Taijiquan  Training Manuals, Dean of the Dongwu Taiji Institute with schools now operating world-wide
  • Yu Gongbao: a famous martial arts researcher, former director of the Industrial Committee of the Chinese Wushu Association, and director of the Qigong Department.
  • Xu Qinlan: the 31st generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple under Su Xi, abbot of the Shaolin Temple, 7th  Duan of the Chinese Wushu, champion of Shaolin boxing, Chen tai chi, Taiji sword, expert consultant for Henan TV “Healthy Central Plains” Taiji teaching sessions, currently deputy head coach of Shaolin Wushu Academy, director of Shaolin Boxing Research Association, deputy secretary general of Wenxian Chen style Taijiquan Research Association


Four highlights:

1/ Total of $20,000 in prize money for elite athletes plus a scholarship to train in China

2/ Participation in the Master Performance at the Closing Ceremony (the winning individuals & groups will be selected to perform with Chinese Shaolin, Wudang and famous martial arts experts from various martial arts)

3/ This year’s martial arts festival Media support Unit: Phoenix TV, CCTV, Sina Weibo Sports Channel,domestic media: the age, Herald sun, Star Island Daily, United Media, Melbourne Daily, first Media, United Media, Melbourne Weekly .

4/ To shoot the flash video of the harmony with Melbourne’s beautiful landmark as a natural background, Star TV and aerial drones will follow the whole process, and the well-known media will broadcast and report on the whole process (include Age & Herald sun)

Historical Playback:

2018 The 1st Australia International Martial Arts Festival

 awarding the highest scoring athletes with prizes, in addition to awarding the medals and awards for the 2nd Australia International Martial Arts Festival. Prizes will be as follows: (refer to Schedule 5 for details)

 1. AU$ 2000/ 1000 / 400 for the all-round champion, the second and third place prizes, a total of 6 (three male and three female)

2. AU$ 2000/ 1000 / 400 group winner, runner-up and third prize (6 martial arts group / square dance each)

3. Scholarship Award for the highest total score – providing a 7-day scholarship to train in China。(Including airfare & accommodation)The specific itinerary shall be decided by the Organizing Committee.

Historical playback:

2018 Individual competition clip:

2018 Group competition clip:

2019 please contact us :

Australia International Martial arts Festival Organizing Committee


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