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Those who have passed the examination at the end of the semester will be issued a certificate

Master Xu Qinlan

Master Li XiaoKang

Master Guan YongXing

Master Li XiaoKang

The 2020 syllabus includes:
1. Wudang Taiyi Buddha Chen,
2. Wudang Bagua Lianhuan Palm,
3. Wudang Seven Star Sword,
4. Chen style Tai Chi sword fine weaving routine
5. Review of all basic courses
6. Review of all improvement classes
Chen style Tai Chi sword fine weaving routine


2020 AWCC Elite class :Wudang Taiyi whisk 2020年AWCC精英班课程:武当太乙拂尘

Introduction to Wudang Whisk:

Whisk is one of Taoist magical instruments, and it is also a clean wandering thing for Taoist disciples. It is a unique soft weapon that looks like a soft whip, but has the characteristics of a sword, a short stick and a whip.

Wudang Fuchen is a little-known Taoist martial art along the way. In addition to its fitness function, it also has a high offensive effect. Its movements are rigid and flexible, its structure is rigorous, short and concise, its layout is reasonable, and it can be retracted and released. The main methods are: pumping up, sweeping down, winding inside and outside, licking, splitting, tapping, shaking, etc. The characteristic is that it stretches round and lively, chic and elegant; walks gossip, the waist is like a snake; interlocking, with softness to overcome rigidity.

武当拂尘简介: 拂尘为道教法器之一,亦是道教弟子清净云游之物。是一种独具风格的软兵器,看似软鞭,但具备了刀剑短棍以及鞭子的特点。

武当拂尘是一路鲜为人知的道家武术,除具有健身的作用外,亦有很高的攻击作用,其动作刚柔相济,结构严谨,短小精练,布局合理,能收能放。 主要方法有:上抽、下扫、里缠外绕、撩、劈、点、抖等。特点是,舒展圆活,潇洒飘逸;步走八卦,腰如蛇行;环环相扣,以柔克刚。


2020 AWCC Elite Class Course: Wudang Bagua Lianhuan Palm 2020年精英班课程:武当八卦连环掌

2020 Elite Class Course Video Elite class Wudang Bagua Lianhuan Palm Guan Yongxing, Taoist name: Guan Xinyuan the twenty-fifth generation of the Longmen School of the whole body, the fourteenth generation of the Sanfeng School. Good at Wudang Sanfeng Taijiquan, Taiyi Wuxingquan, Taoist whisk, Baguazhang, Xuanwuquan, Taiyi Xuanmen sword, Wuxing health maintenance. Since 2011, he has traveled to Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and other countries to teach for one month. The current head of Wudang Taoist Cultural Development Center and deputy head of Wudang Taoist Kungfu Group

2020 awcc Elite Class Course: Wudang Seven Star Sword Slow Motion

Wudang Seven Star Sword Teaching Introduction : Wudang Seven Star Sword is mainly composed of cloud sword, splitting sword, picking sword, point sword, and carrying sword. It combines the characteristics of Xuanmen Sword, Eight Immortal Sword, and Taiji Sword. Soft and contain.

The movement of the Seven Star Sword is agile and vivid, and its meaning is long and coherent. It fully embodies the movement of Tai Chi and the strength of the two instruments. It has certain requirements for body and footwork. It belongs to Wudang and popularizes swordsmanship, which is deeply loved by the majority of students. .

[Introduction of Lecturer]: Li Xiaokang:

Taoist Name: Chongning The 26th generation disciple of Quanzhen Longmen School Former Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Team Coach Chief Coach of Taoist Cultural Development Center Good at: Wudang whisk, Wudang sword, Taijiquan, Sanshou, Baguazhang and other exercises.

武当七星剑教学简介: 武当七星剑以云剑、劈剑、撩剑、点剑、带剑等为主,融合了玄门剑、八仙剑、太极剑的特点,讲究剑随身走,以意领剑,快慢相间,刚柔相含。七星剑的动作灵动传神,意蕴悠长而又连贯迅捷,充分体现太极的行云流水和两仪的刚柔之劲,对身法、步法有一定要求,属武当普及剑法,深得广大学员的喜爱。

【讲师简介】: 李小康:道名:崇宁 全真龙门宗第二十六代弟子 原武当道教功夫团教练 道家文化发展中心总教练 擅长:武当拂尘,武当剑,太极拳,散手,八卦掌等功法。


Admission fees:
Elite class students charge annual VIP membership fee and study material fee $280
Benefits for VIP members:
1. Enjoy exemption of registration fee, license of training equipment, insurance fee and possession of exercise equipment-Buddha dust.
2. Enjoy the online teaching of all courses and the right to review and review at any time throughout the year.
3. Enjoy the learning exercise and review of any other basic classes and improvement classes during the whole semester.
4. Enjoy the opportunity to improve the skills of the small class review assistant tutors to correct errors.
5. Those who have passed the exam at the end of the term will be issued a certificate.


Chen style Tai Chi sword won the second place in the second Australian International Wushu Festival collective competition

The 18 essential Chen style Taijiquan styles won the first place in the Australian International Wushu Festival Group Competition

Wesley Elite Branch :Adress: Wesley church 2-6 OXford Boxhill vic 3218
Every Tuesday 12.30-3.00 from 18th February2020-1st December 2020,Closed during school holidays