Box-Hill Elite Branch

On 22nd  March , 2018, Master Wendy, who won the Hong Kong All-Around Championship at Ruffey Lake Park at the junction of Boxhill and Doncaster, started teaching Yunshui Tai Chi fans in the park at the request of 16 sisters. This is the first public welfare popular Tai Chi training class of the Australian Oriental Martial Arts Tai Chi Alliance, the predecessor of AWCC.
In just two years until March 2020, these first batch of students followed Master and developed to the Wushu Festival Thousand People Tai Chi aerial photography   shocked the world.(at Boxhill garden)
 As the backbone of the first batch of Tai Chi students, they assisted Master in holding two super-scale international martial arts festivals in August 2018 and the end of September 2019.
Consul General Zeng Jianhua and Fu of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Melbourne, Australia, a total of 17 Victorian and municipal government officials and councillors, and major domestic and overseas media enthusiastically came to deliver congratulations and publicity reports
The students of this first phase of Tai Chi popularization class ushered in the thousands of martial arts festival at the Thousand People Martial Arts Festival, the former Chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association Li Jie, the editor-in-chief Yu Gongbao of the World Tai Chi Network, and the Chinese Tai Chi masters in person to demonstrate and award
On 22, May 2018, the first session of students took the initiative to become volunteers and helped Master Wendy to start the second session of public welfare Tai Chi popularization class together on Wesley curch 2-6 Oxford st boxhill Every Tuesday 12.30-3.00
On 1st June , 2018, with the help of sponsor Liu Wen, this group of backbone forces assisted Master in opening the fourth morning and afternoon classes in Melbourne’s downtown Swanston St.
On 2nd July , 2018, in order to welcome the World Online Video Contest, with the second phase of the main force, Doncaster Athletics Track: 123 Geroge Street, Doncaster started the sixth training session
Then with the help of sponsor Chen Guojing, the seventh charity training course with more than 100 people was opened in 851 White House Road
Master Xu Qinlan, Wendy’s teacher, the 31st converted disciple of Shaolin Temple,a famous Chinese Tai Chi master, attaches great importance to this primitive force. He has flown to Melbourne three times and provided technical guidance in person
With the main force of the boxhill wesley elite class, he has been professionally trained to obtain a qualification certificate and acted as an assistant to help more new students improve together with Master Wendy.
With the enthusiastic help of doctors, nurses, accountants, scientists and other volunteer workers, more and more people come to participate in the study. There are professional doctors and nurses serving as first aiders in class, free services by professional registered accountants in finance, and countless majors in classroom management. Veteran students enthusiastically serve new students. Many people come to study with illness and leave with ease
Tai Chi improves the health of members and delights everyone’s mood. Everyone is enthusiastic about giving for others.
Everyone is studying very hard. Starting from the ground up, entering the training class not only improves the body and spirit, but also gets a lot of awards
In Australia’s two international martial arts festival competitions have achieved very good results.
The 100-member team of the Australian Oriental Martial Arts Tai Chi Inc won the first prize of the Australian International Wushu Festival
The Tai Chi performance at the Mid-Autumn Festival Party of Thousands of People in Melbourne in August 2018 was also reported by CCTV World Evening News.
On October 26-31, 2019, this elite team was also invited to participate in the closing ceremony of the World Taijiquan Cultural Festival
Wesley Elite Branch :Adress: Wesley church 2-6 OXford Boxhill vic 3218
Every Tuesday 12.30-3.00 from 18th February2020-1st December 2020,Closed during school holidays