Four highlights:

1/ Total of $20,000 in prize money for elite athletes plus a scholarship to train in China

2/ Participation in the Master Performance at the Closing Ceremony (the winning individuals & groups will be selected to perform with Chinese Shaolin, Wudang and famous martial arts experts from various martial arts)

3/ This year’s martial arts festival Media support Unit: Phoenix TV, CCTV, Sina Weibo Sports Channel,domestic media: the age, Herald sun, Star Island Daily, United Media, Melbourne Daily, first Media, United Media, Melbourne Weekly .

4/ To shoot the flash video of the harmony with Melbourne’s beautiful landmark as a natural background, Star TV and aerial drones will follow the whole process, and the well-known media will broadcast and report on the whole process (include Age & Herald sun)

Historical Playback:

2018 The 1st Australia International Martial Arts Festival

 awarding the highest scoring athletes with prizes, in addition to awarding the medals and awards for the 2nd Australia International Martial Arts Festival. Prizes will be as follows: (refer to Schedule 5 for details)

 1. AU$ 2000/ 1000 / 400 for the all-round champion, the second and third place prizes, a total of 6 (three male and three female)

2. AU$ 2000/ 1000 / 400 group winner, runner-up and third prize (6 martial arts group / square dance each)

3. Scholarship Award for the highest total score – providing a 7-day scholarship to train in China。(Including airfare & accommodation)The specific itinerary shall be decided by the Organizing Committee.

Historical playback:

2018 Individual competition clip:

2018 Group competition clip:

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Australia International Martial arts Festival Organizing Committee


Committee Tel/FAX:061-03-98999923

 Committee Mobile Number- English :0437 949 919

                 Committee Mobile Number / We Chat-Chinese:0467597080